Part 10: Interview with Ellenmorris Tiegerman, Author of Past Lives Denied

Professor Caitlyn Morrys, a passionate and vocal educator at a small college, finds herself at the heart of a fierce debate over academic freedom and teacher tenure. The situation takes a deadly turn when the college President, who is Caitlyn’s primary adversary, is discovered stabbed to death in his office. Acting Chief Inspector Cormac Robertson, who strongly believes in the power of past life regression, decides that the key to solving the murder lies in uncovering Caitlyn’s past lives through hypnosis. While under hypnosis, Caitlyn reveals numerous details from her previous lives, offering insights into historical connections and motives for the crime.This information enables the detective to identify the main suspect, who he realizes is on their way to attack Caitlyn again, seeking revenge for a betrayal from their past lives.

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“Those not familiar with the inner workings of higher education may be shocked at the complexity and hellishness of various committees, faculty hierarchies and the pressure to publish. Tiegerman devotes substantial real estate to these topics, laying groundwork in the process for the motive of the killer or killers. Caitlyn’s passion and idealism is also a doorway into putting her character into potential danger as well.”

– Mishka Rao, Best Thrillers

“The book brims with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It also highlights the unpleasant reality of the divergence of opinions on political views on university campuses, which can lead to tension between professors and students.”

– Amanda Hanson, The US Review of Books


  • How does the resolution of the murder mystery tie back to the theme of past lives?

The resolution of the murder mystery can only be accomplished when Caitlyn goes back into her past life.  The novel suggests that there are many answers to present problems in our past life experiences.  Problems that we have today can be resolved by self-discovery and self-investigation into past life events.  

  • What role does the setting of a small college play in the narrative?

There is a great deal of social upheaval on college campuses throughout the United States.  The college campus has now become a microcosm of political violence and antisemitism in most communities throughout America.  We are faced with dramatic challenges politically and socially, and our young people have been negatively affected by the political events worldwide.  The drama at Coronado University highlights what is happening across the United States in most of our communities, synagogues and churches.

  • Do you have any plans for a sequel or future books featuring these characters?

Past Lives Denied is the first book of a Trilogy.  I am in the process of completing the second book in the Trilogy entitled, God Denied.  I believe that there is an important message that can be shared with my readers about the importance of past life regression and the self-exploration process that can result in great benefit to the resolution of many problems in this present life.

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